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Christian County, MO



Ray Weter, Presiding 
Bill Barnett, Western District
Eastern District, currently vacant


Christian County has a traditional form of government for counties in the state of Missouri. At this time, Christian County is classifed as a second-class county, but currently meets the standards for a first-class county. The county classification is anticipated to change in the year 2011.

The governing body of Christian County is the County Commission. The Commission consists of Lou Lapaglia, Presiding Commissioner, Bill Barnett, Associate Commissioner Western District and Ray Weter, Associate Commissioner Eastern District. The primary responsibility of this commission is to make decisions regarding the policies and procedures for Christian County Government, i.e. budgeting, financial issues, human resource policies, road and bridge maintenence/improvements, planning and zoning issues, etc.

Form of Government

Agenda for next commission meeting

Christian County Commission
100 West Church St., Room 100
Ozark, MO 65721

Phone 417-582-4300
E-mail: countycommission@christiancountymo.gov